The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Strive for excellence

We believe that success depends on the intensity with which we pursue our work and excellence in everything we do.

Respect for People

We treat everyone with dignity and respect – as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Honesty and Integrity

We embrace truthfulness and trust in all our endeavours. We say what we mean, deliver what we promise and to stand for what is right.

Reliability and Value

We encourage life-long continued education that provides total quality services to our customers and opportunities for career advancement to our employees. We owe our suppliers the same type of respect that we show to our customers.

Misson and Vision

About Us

We are an established medium-sized organization with well-diversified business units providing high performance products and services to the Systems Integration, Institution, Military, Aerospace, Communications, Security, Scientific, Marine, Transportation and Electronics industries in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region. This diversification strategy ensures resilience to cope with varying economic trends and allows us to seize opportunities in various markets in a timely fashion.

We provide technical support in 3D drawing, Onsite Assessments and Assembly.

Our Vision

To be the Market Leader and a Preferred Supplier in providing comprehensive support to the Industries in Singapore & the Asia Pacific region.

Our Mission

To ride on our leading position and competitive edge by:

  • Upgrading our staff’s technical and marketing skills to ensure the continuous provision of excellent service to our clients.
  • Keeping abreast with technological advancements around the world, identifying new and better products and bringing them to the Southeast Asian market.
  • Determining the clients’ present and future needs, thereby offering the right products to meet these needs and thereafter reliable service support.
  • Securing selective representation of product lines, formulating effective marketing strategies and providing informative feedback on the market environment to the principals.
  • Providing a healthy work environment, which encourages employees to exercise initiative, creativity and opportunities for career advancements?
  • Forging strong links with business partners and associates.

Busines Philosophy

To provide our customers with products and services of superior value at competitive prices while delivering sustainable growth and prosperity to our Suppliers, Stakeholders and Employees.

We believe employees are our most important resource and our key competitive advantage. It is in our culture to nurture leaders from within this talent pool and to help each employee build a life-long career with the organization.